A travel to Korea can be more amazing when you have proper planning for the tour. And when you are moving from a foreign land to South Korea, you need to have the right planning for the tour. In this regard, taking help of a tour planner or tour guide can also deliver great outcome for you. There is just one thing that you need to fix first is the starting point of your journey once you will reach at this amazing nation. It's always great to start the journey from the capital city of Seoul. This is also a great reason why Seoul city tour is always considered as the top choice by many travelers. paket tour korea

If you are thinking about the Seoul city tour, then there are a few things you need to consider first. If you want to make this trip more convenient and amazing, then you should consider some points. When you are in Seoul, you should think about the inexpensive transport options. In this regard, exploring this amazing city by double Decker bus can offer you a great fun. Some of these buses are equipped with open roof. All you need to reach at the top of such bus and when it is on the go, you can find the most picturesque sight of Seoul city. 

And the bus fair is not that high. Simply by offering $10 or so, the bus can take you on a tour to two major spots in Seoul along with the market places and Seoul Tower. You can avail such bus facility from Tuesday to Sunday and from morning 9 to evening 7. Such buses also run on a night shift and that last from evening 8 to 10. For such tour, you can buy the tickets onboard. During such journey, you can avail both single as well as double Decker buses. So, the choice is always yours! 

When you are in Seoul, South Korea, there are a few major and fun filed things you can do there. Once you are in this amazing city, you can try the quintessential tipple that belongs only to Korea. Among these must try things, trying the Makgeolli, which is the traditional drink of Korea, can make you feel very good. If you are an alcohol savvy, then this drink is a must try one for you. This is made from rice as well as other grains that are processed together. This type of drink contains alcohol from 5-7%. There are also local people who use to mention that Makgeolli is loaded with the medicinal properties. 

When you are looking forward to get fresh, having this drink can make your day awesome. But watch out! Never consume much from it! Well, this drink can be quaffed easily. When you are opening that bottle of Makgeolli, you need to know the right trick. Trying this drink during your Seoul city tour can really add some great tastes for it. Well, this drink is surely going to make your travel to Korea amazing.

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